European Tour Dates!!!!

Hello all, I will be visiting Europe very soon! While there, I will be adding shows for civilians as well. Below listed are American Military bases. After the 8th of April, I shall unwind in London. I hope to meet some fans and smoke some doobs. Cheerio! Ya heard!?

Mar 29: Ramstein AB, GE
Mar 30: USAG Stuttgart, GE
Apr 1: Garmisch, GE
Apr 2: Spangdahlem AB, GE
Apr 3: USAG Benelux (Chievres), Belgium
Apr 5: RAF Alconbury, UK
Apr 6: RAF Lakenheath, UK
Apr 8: RAF Croughton, UK
Apr9-16 London, UK

Ep 4 Of What’s Good with Percy Cary aka MF Grimm

Happy Wednesday Son!!

In case you missed it, Tuesday’s ‘What’s Good’ with our very special guest, MF Grimm was absolutely riveting. We were joined for the hour by a true legend and pioneer. A man who’s life has taken so many amazing twists and turns it makes a soap opera seem boring.

Percy Cary was born in New York City’s upper west side. As a boy, he lived just a couple of blocks from Children’s Television Network where ‘Sesame Street’ was filmed. He was lucky enough to be featured as a cast member on the show for several seasons. He’s even credited for being the first child to actually ride ‘Snuffleupagus’

After leaving Sesame Street, Percy was engrossed in the hip-hop movement that had consumed the city thanks to Radio D.J’s like Cool Herc who offered an alternative to the exclusive Studio 54 scene that defined NYC in the 1970’s. In the 1980’s, hip-hop offered a sense of community and belonging to those who were shunned by the fancy downtown clubs. Like Studio 54, hip-hop too had a drug culture. In order for a young man to make money and finance his musical needs, the drug trade offered a quick and easy solution to that problem… But it comes with a price.

Each borough of New York had its own distinct sound. And battling was a way to get those sounds to travel across rivers and state lines alike. Grimm’s poetic and precise smoothness on the mic garnered respect from emcees throughout Gotham. By 1993 he competed and placed in The World Supremacy Battle. He was an established battler and poet who was poised and ready for a record deal.

Later that year, Grimm was en-route with his brother Jay to sign a record deal when out of nowhere, shots rang out. By the time the onslaught ended, Grimm had been shot seven times. His brother Jay died on the scene. Grimm was rushed to the hospital where he was clinically dead. He was blind, deaf, bleeding profusely and not expected to make it.

When he awoke from his coma, he had to slowly regain all of his functions back. He wouldn’t make a full recovery however, he is left a paraplegic as a result.

Upon leaving the hospital, he is minus his brother and the use of his lower half. He is all apathy. Not caring whether he lives or dies, he rejoins the drug trade. It isn’t long until he finds himself in trouble with the law and having to stand all before the feds. He is then imprisoned for narcotics distribution and other felony charges. Before beginning his 15-life sentence, he records an album… In 24 hours. “The Downfall Of Ibylis: A Ghetto Opera”. He releases it while in prison and moves a respectable 30,000 units world-wide.

While in a maximum security prison, Grimm makes a decision to align himself with those who are helping themselves rather than hurting themselves. He meets a gentleman who encourages him to study law and to review his own case. Always up for a challenge; Percy obliged. Resulting in a reduction of his sentence from 15- life to just four years.

Upon his release from prison, Percy was approached by a friend to do a comic book/graphic novel. Percy, a fan of Batman and Superman wanted to pay homage to those super heroes. But his friend insisted the book depict Percy’s life as it was far more harrowing than any Batman tale. So he agreed and the graphic novel “Sketches” was released under Vertigo and D.C Comics.

All the while, Percy had been working on music… Even while locked in solitary confinement he was able to sneak a drum machine in with him. After his 2003 prison release, he dropped “Digital Tears; E-mail From Purgatory”, “Special Herbs And Spices” Vol. 1, “Scars And Memories”, “American Hunger” – 3 disc set, “The Hunt For The Ginger Bread Man”, and “You Only Live Twice”: The Audio Graphic Novel

Today, Percy has his own distribution company and is constantly working on a slew of new projects. It was an honor and privilege to have him join us on ‘What’s Good’. His life story is truly amazing and I get the feeling he’s just getting started. Look for him to jjoin us on our next episode and many more to come. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and research his music and his story. He is a hip hop hero and a renaissance man in it’s truest form.


Greetings sons and dunns…

Thanks to everyone for a great start to the new chapter of ‘What’s Good” on the Toadhop Network. I am excited about our new venture. Toadhop has offered us a weekly time slot which is what I was lacking before and is the only reason I left Deathsquad. There was no beef, no falling out, no ill-will. I still will continue to work with Redban in many other capacities and you can make damn sure Morgan Freeman and Redban haven’t finished their business yet.

Our first show featured my buddy and comic, Steve Simeone. (@stevesimeone), we covered old school hip hop, the transition to Toadhop, and a bunch of other random topics. Willie Hunter sat in as co-host and wore a girl’s shirt.

Our second show featured the lovely and talented Ms. Candice Thompson (@jokesbycandice), who will be stopping by the show regularly to add to the fun. She is currently producing, writing, and starring in “Creepy Caress” along with her comedy partner Brenda Colonna and will be releasing new content very soon.

We also were paid visits by Brian Moses and Brady Mathews. Look for those jokers to make more appearance as well.

Our sponsors, Tuck-N-Toke, and are keeping us high and dressed. A big thanks indeed!

Join me next Tuesday and every Tuesday on Toadhop at 6pm pst.

What’s Good!!

The Return Of What’s Good!!!!

What’s up sons and dunns!!!

Freddy Lockhart here to let you know that ‘What’s Good’ is coming back in one week!!! We will premier on our new network, Toadhop on Tuesday, September 18th!

‘But Fred, What about the Deathsquad???’

I have nothing but love and respect for the Deathsquad and my man Redban. This move is best for everyone as the show will have a regular weekly time slot which wasn’t available at Deathsquad.. I will still appear alongside my Deathsquad brothers anytime I’m called upon.

The show will maintain all of the characters and themes along with many new surprises. I am excited as hell to get back and so is the ghost of Biggie Smalls, he’s completely raided my kitchen.

Stay tuned for more info as the 18th nears. We will also have a live video feed, and the ability to take calls now. I look forward to reconnecting with all of you guys and I know we are going to make ‘What’s Good’ bigger and badder than ever!!!

Dream Awake,



Lucid Dreaming

What’s Good Lucid Dream Team??? Are you awake in your dreams? Lately, I have been pursuing the elusive W.I.L.D. technique. ( Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming). It is VERY hard to see the process through, but fascinating none the less. It basically consists of laying perfectly still and witnessing your body fall asleep.

Now, the body is a funny thing. It is in constant communication with your mind and through out the day sends intermittent signals just to check the connection. It’s basically a game of “Marco- Polo”. Here’s how to interrupt that game. When you lie down to go to sleep at night, go through these steps.

1. Lay down on your back and relax the entire body. Start with your toes and move upward. Once you’ve stretched and found comfort; become aware of your breathing. Cold air in, warm air out. Focus on it. If you feel your mind deviating simply reel your mind back in to the task of breathing. Most importantly– DO NOT MOVE. The body will send a series of “Marcos” to the mind expecting a “Polo”. This is where you can essentially override your body and mind’s communication system. The body is pesky, DON’T BE FOOLED  by a phantom itch, or a sudden pain. Ride that shit out like a hardcore Tibetan Buddhist son! That’s just the body trying to trick the mind into moving so it can prevent you from overriding the system.– Remember, cold air in, warm air out… DON’T MOVE!

2. Step 2 is where MOST people fall off. This is the step that scares most and sends them running like some mark ass bitches. In step 2, if you are able to weather the storm of false signals from the body and lay perfectly still, your body will then say “fuck it!” and go in to shut down mode. Basically the body is saying, I’ve called and called and haven’t gotten an answer, Now I better shut myself down to conserve energy… This is where shit gets deep!

Now what happens is the onset of sleep paralysis. This is where your body goes into a paralyzed state for your safety. It prevents you from roaming around while you dream. Those who sleep walk actually suffer from a lack of sleep paralysis. At first, it will most likely scare the shit out of you and you will wake up gasping. You will feel a weight on your chest and your breathing will become slow and minimal. These sensations are all natural. Don’t be alarmed! If you ride it through, you’ll Break On Through To The Other Side!!!!

3. If you make it to step 3, consider yourself kind of a bad ass mother fucker. To arrive at step 3 takes patience and perseverance. Once you do break through, the world is your oyster. You can literally go anywhere and do anything you want. The dream will feel as real as any experience you’ve ever felt. With enough practice and discipline, you will become the Shaolin Master of your dreams!

For more information on Lucid Dreaming, read Dr. Stephen Laberge’s “Ludid Dreaming”.

It’s a fascinating concept that I unknowingly engaged in as a kid, now as an adult I can explore the intellectual possibilities. I truly believe that we can use our dream state to improve ourselves as humans. To evolve and exploit our fullest capabilities and do a lot of really cool shit along the way!

Share your stories of Lucid Dreaming with me here and on my FB Fan page.

Dream Awake!