• B-Sump

    When you gonna get some more of that good good “What’s Good”. That shit is hilarious

  • Tim McRae

    Whats good with freddy lockhart ?

    Im a big fan from Australia, got introduced too you on the Rogan podcast. My only beef with you “homeboy” , Since you been off deathsquad i havn’t been able too get ya “WHATS GOOD” podcast. I aint buying into this itunes bullsh!t also facebook can suck my dick, so i prepose you put ya podcast on your webpage. I don’t think its asking too much, sorry too sound a bit cunty but i miss ya mate.

  • albert c

    Love the podcast DUN! I’m behind but just listened to the christmas eve one, shit was funny as fuck.

  • Neall

    man that welcome back what’s good on deathsquad was the shit son!

  • Drew

    Waiting forever for your podcast. Also wonder if you did any stuff for Robot Chicken?

  • Jenocide

    What’s good? Are you going to put the latest ep. on Stitcher?

  • Spinert

    Yo freddy man,, your podcasts are awesum so keep that shit up bruz!!!

  • Rosannebar

    I llike how mr freemans rips into redban.. he might need some more

  • New to podcasts

    Dude your podcasts are great. Keep it up, a lot of people love listening to them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Bretth57 Brett Hines

    please do more podcast. You are one of the best out there.

    • Nate Peet

      We miss u Freddy, I live in the UK so I can’t really see u on stage.please bring back the podcast! feel free to charge 4 it too

  • Willers

    Freddy I need my dose of Whats Good

  • http://www.facebook.com/alex.donald.77 Alex Donald

    What’s good Freddy? Seriously, what is good? I don’t know cause you haven’t told me on your podcast…..

  • GrandmastaGZA

    Son Hip Hop is still alive and  kicking,check out

    danny brown
    ab soul
    kendrick lamarnacho picasso
    Childish GambinoCurren$ythats just a few to start lol  for real check at least a couple of em out 

    • Gggg

      my b i didnt know it was gonna smash some of those names together

  • jordan

    Check out RA the rugged man, if you havent yet. fucking insane flow.

  • Aramisdjv

    whats good with whats good freddy! its like the bud man,Happy when you here,sad when you gone,ain’t no where to be found when needed. ain’t that a bitch.

  • kingofforest

    Freddy, it’s all because of you that I’m feeling sad and blue.  Since you’ve been away my life is filled with rainy days.  I love you so, how much you’ll never know, cause you took What’s Good away from me.  *whimpers* *tears* 

  • Drew K

    Are you falling off Freddy?

  • Jacob

    The podcast isn’t downloading for me

  • smokeweedeveryday

    we be needin whats good bitch

  • Bubba

    Where the fuck you at Fred!?